Aug. 9th, 2015 12:10 pm
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Okay, on one of my ff.net fanfics some dude came and said that they want to publish that fic in a collection. Weird as hell, because I KNOW that it needs editing like I need air, but I am not talented yet to do it without advice.

Well, I go to their profile, and they are VERY religious. I mean they say they believe, like Ted Nugent, that homosexuality is morally wrong. So, I get a bit pissed and add to my profile this: “I am cis!woman, so refer to me as she/her. I am also homoromantic bisexual, but I identify as lesbian. And proud of it!“ (Very true BTW)

SO now I get this: “My rules as a Christian is no GLBT content with **** ****** Press but there is a publisher who does allow it as this is owned by Tabetha Jones though. I looked at your profile and don’t want to compromise my beliefs some. I had published a writer who escaped from homosexuality and seen death threats from the militants.”

And get this, the fic has incest, suicide, pagan religion (Finnish paganism) but my homosexuality turns them off? I am not even hurt, this shit is hilarious!
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Title: Cell
Fandom: Avatar the Last Airbender
Word Count: 1.050
Characters: Zuko, Zhao
Parings: Zuko/Zhao
Warnings: Rape, Dark, Alternate Universe - Canon

Summary: Zuko got caught by Zhao after saving Aang.

Fic is here.
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Title: Dancers
Fandom: Brave 2012
Word Count: 1.017
Characters: Elinor, Fergus, Merida
Parings: Elinor/Fergus
Warnings: None
Summary: Queen was a human again, and it was time to celebrate.

Fic is here.
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Title: Stone
Fandom: White Collar, Supernatural
Word Count: 1.031
Characters: Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel
Parings: None
Warnings: weird attacks, Madness, Angst
Summary: Neal touches a cursed object, and no one has fun.
Author's notes: I actually really really like Neal, even if people might find it hard to believe after this. Written while feeling depressed and with a massive headache. I would say takes part somewhere in WC season 2 and SPN season 5. I have no idea if those timelines even match.
Written for hillz_85 in SPN_Summergen 2012

Fic is here.
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Title: To Tuonela
Fandom: Finnish Mythology
Word Count: 2.543
Characters: OFC, Kullervo, Väinämöinen
Warnings: References to Suicide, Minor Violence, references to sibling incest
Summary: The river was as black as the songs and stories had said and she could feel the coldness from the white water seep into her skin and make her shiver as badly as standing outside in the midwinter.
Author's notes: Some of the italicized parts were taken from Kalevala, translated to English by Keith Bosley, published by Oxford University Press.

Fic is here.


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