Aug. 9th, 2015 12:10 pm
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Okay, on one of my ff.net fanfics some dude came and said that they want to publish that fic in a collection. Weird as hell, because I KNOW that it needs editing like I need air, but I am not talented yet to do it without advice.

Well, I go to their profile, and they are VERY religious. I mean they say they believe, like Ted Nugent, that homosexuality is morally wrong. So, I get a bit pissed and add to my profile this: “I am cis!woman, so refer to me as she/her. I am also homoromantic bisexual, but I identify as lesbian. And proud of it!“ (Very true BTW)

SO now I get this: “My rules as a Christian is no GLBT content with **** ****** Press but there is a publisher who does allow it as this is owned by Tabetha Jones though. I looked at your profile and don’t want to compromise my beliefs some. I had published a writer who escaped from homosexuality and seen death threats from the militants.”

And get this, the fic has incest, suicide, pagan religion (Finnish paganism) but my homosexuality turns them off? I am not even hurt, this shit is hilarious!
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I have wanted to do this kind of a post for a while. So, here it is.

I am a lesbian. When I see a beautiful woman, my first thought is that I would love to kiss her breasts and go down on her. My ultimate example of stunningly beautiful woman is Queen Latifah. I like women strong shoulders, big breasts, soft waist, wide hips and strong tighs. Height isn't an issue, even if my pride would like her to be at least little shorter than me. ^^ (six feet and proud of every inch!)

I am only out to my mum and few friends. I have said that I am a lesbian to my sister and brother, but it was in a passing and I am not sure if they think I was joking or not. They haven't mentioned about it later at all, but that doesn't worry me. My dad might know, because mum might have told him but I know he wouldn't make a fuss about it either way so I am not sure. When my mum talked to me when I was looking for a job and said that I shouldn't tell the employer at least at first about my depression and sexuality, it cheered me up more than she could imagine. She took my sexuality as a part of me and didn't think it was just a 'phase' or that I had been joking back then when I told her.

When one of my friends started talking about what kind of women I am interested in, or actually she said that usually she would ask what kind of men in looks I would like, but because I am gay she wanted to know about my taste in women. This brightened my day more than anything. Even if she continued to ask if I would like the other to be the 'man' in the relationship or if I was the 'man', I didn't get angry about it (that much). When I said that I consider myself a woman and I want to date with a woman, she looked a bit chagrined but understood. This is the first time we have talked about my sexuality. And yes, she is straight. ^^

I have problems when people say they are bisexual. I grew up in a place and surrounded by people who said that they are bi but honestly? I think some of them just said that to appear cool and accepting. That's why when people say they are bi I get suspicious and think if they are using it like a fashion statement, not because they truly are.

I want to get married and have kids. Three atleast, and I hope at least two of them will be girls. I have already chosen names for them. I feel always a bit silly when I think about this but I want to truly become pregnant, mother and have children. I also want to be able to give children to childless couples, especially gay males.

I have chosen to come out of closet to my uncle, aunt, cousins and the rest of the people I know when I am in a serious relationship, so they know I am not kidding about it.

I always say about my sexuality that I am definetly interested in women, but not sure about the men. I notice myself thinking that how I know I have atlest a bit sexual interest in men, or if I am completely lesbian. I don't want to say I am completely gay and then come to show my boyfriend later. That would be embarassing.

On the other note, when I meet a gay man my first reaction is that how can someone not be interested in women. I mean, what isn't there to desire? Xb Ironically though, straight women won't bring this kind of a reaction to me.
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It's really weird. It didn't come lika a lightning storm on me, but slowly. I once said I was a bi in a party and I started to think it far more. Yes, I had had crushes on females before that, but the real revelation became later. I am gay. Atleast it seems right now, because I am REALLY inexperienced and not in any kind of hurry.

I haven't yet told my father, but I think he suspects something but my mom knows. I was firstly bit scared, but she has been very okay about it. No big fuss of any kind. And I realized just a sort while ago that two women I have known since childhood and who are my moms old friends are also gay. We aren't that close, but those two taught me when I small to say 'hullu akka', which in English means 'crazy old hag' I think. And I repeated that loudly and in very inappropriate places. Xb

But really, I've never had any kind of a problem with this. I am a bit worried how my uncle, aunt and cousins will react and I'll never tell my grandparents. Granny is 85 and Grandpa will be 86 next October.



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