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At whole, I love character development and the relationships between characters. I have a strong stomach, but please no BDSM, scat, vore or watersports. Rape, torture and such are okay, but remember to warn properly so I can get my mind into a right setting before starting to read. ^^

If you make a character (the one I say I love) disabled, I'll love you until the end of Earth. But no magic healing! I hate that trope.

Actually, I love fics where bad things happen to my favourite character. BUT NO CHARACTER DEATH!!!

Even if I like dark fics, I would prefer for them to have at least somewhat hopeful ending.

I want to read something that is not PWP or just sex. Character growth!

My personal canon is that Shepard chose Destroy-ending, but they survived as did all the AIs. They just shut down for a bit but then rebooted after the Catalyst fell apart. (it sent continuous bursts, during which time everyone kept killing all the Reapers they could find) Screw any type of unhappy endings.

Han'Gerrel vas Neema/Zaal'Koris vas Qwib-Qwib

I fell hard for Zaal'Koris and will take ANYTHING you have with this couple. ANYTHING.

Lantar Sidonis/Tarquin Victus

There is this one AMAZING fic with this paring where Garrus shot Lantar, but he survived and was left disabled. I like that beginning (disability can be anything you want, lung, mobility, digestive, etc...) but you do not have to use it. I adore both of them, but Lantar just a bit more. ;) (does not mean anything good for him...) But Tarquin MUST SURVIVE!!

Kolyat Krios/Mouse

I can't survive Thane's loyalty mission without turning into a waterfall. I like Thane, but when I hear how a man who adored Thane as a kid, who stayed loyal to him all these years because Thane showed him just a bit of kindness, and helped his his son just because he had a picture Thane had taken of him. Yet Thane never came back to him. I doubt Thane would have ever searched Mouse again if he wasn’t trying to help his biological son, but had no thoughts towards the little boy who obviously loved him. Add to what Bailey says on what duct rats’ usual fate is, and how extraordinary it was that Mouse survived to adulthood… Waterfall and rage.

So I imagine he and Kolyat meet again, talk a lot about Thane and slowly get closer... I want a happy ending. (and yes, that is from Mass Effect confessions. It is one of mine.)

Liam Kosta/Vetra Nyx

Yes, their talks to each other start kinda mean. But if you take them together long enough, you can hear how there is closeness and friendly ribbing and.. I want you to expand on that. They are both sarcastic towards each other, but they are both also very kind people. Here is a tumblr post I think really capsulates Liam's conflict towards her and other people and which I consider canon: http://floranna2.tumblr.com/post/161036610986/i-had-mixed-feelings-about-liam-because-he-tends

Charr/Ereba (Mass Effect)

Charr survives, they have several more children and live happily ever after. 'Nuff said.


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