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Santa Claus and the Magic Drum. Absolutely. =DD

Holiday Love Meme.
Please write something to this, it would mean a world to me!
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I celebrate the independence day (6 December in Finland! =DD) and christmas, Not much else.
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Living forever is one of my biggest nightmares. And this isn't just my depression talking, it has always been. I want to grow old and die, because that is natural. Not aging and living forever doesn't feel like life, more like existing. I want to get married and have kids, the thought of outliving all of them, being still young when my kids are old...it terrifies me.

I have had a nightmare where I was dead. But moving. Not zombie, but in the way that my body was dead but my mind and soul was still attached to it. Food tasted ash in my mouth, my skin was cold, I couldn't find my pulse...it was fucking terrifying. I woke up my on my forehead, trying to feel my body heat.

I would love to be immortal in that way in books, books I have written or things I have done. Good things I mean. But immortality? No.
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I am talking about Helsinki in general.


1. The winters. I love the snow and the cold.
2. How there is everything without being crowded or too big city. (500 000 people live here)
3. The parks. We have many parks.
4. EXCELLENT public transport. I am not kidding.
5. How you can see the history here.


1. The heat of the summers. Okay, this is a bit wrong. It's 30 C right now, it's extremly unusual and I am boiling. But I still hate the heat.
2. Lack of garbage cans.
3. The prize of the apartments. Seriously? I am going to university in the another city to get a cheaper rents.
4. How people do not greet each other, are so closed off and...grumpy.
5. Drunks. Were those kids or adults.


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