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At whole, I love character development and the relationships between characters. I have a strong stomach, but please no BDSM or watersports. Rape, torture and such are okay, but remember to warn properly so I can get my mind into a right setting before starting to read. ^^

If you make a character (the one I say I love) disabled, I'll love you until the end of Earth. But no magic healing! I hate that trope.

Even if I like dark fics, I would prefer for them to have at least somewhat hopeful ending.

I want to read something that is not PWP or just sex. Character growth!

W.I.T.C.H. (comics)


A fic where Cedric lives and continues on his path to redemption. I adore him and Orube together, but I want the main focus be his redemption and his life afterwards. If you want, put more of the W.I.T.C.H. characters there too.

I would love if during the time he canonically died he would instead be seriously injured, permanently disabled, I mean. No magical healing! How would his recovery be? And by recovery I mean him dealing mwith his disability and learning to live again.

Safe House (2012)

Tobin Frost
Matt Weston

Something post-movie, where Tobin Frost survives. Can be slash or not, but I want a fic where they are still together and you to explore their relationship and dynamics.

Mugen no Juunin | Blade of the Immortal

Rin Asano
Anotsu Kagehisa

I love Rin. She is amazing. I love her spunk, her courage, her growth, everything. Unfortunately the ending of the manga felt a bit lackluster to me, so please, ignore it?

I have always loved Rin and Anotsu's relationship so I wish you would write about that. Is it romantic or not? Or sexual? Same with Rin and Manji's relationship.

This is quite a lot odder than the rest of the...prompts (how should you call 'em?) as I have two AUs in my head I would give a kidney to get someone to write in them.

First one is that when Anotsu and Itto-ryu came to kill her parents, he failed (forgot, didn't care) to say to not to touch Rin. So, they took her with them and did...wel, very dark things to her. But now she has survived it. HOw did that change her? She is of course darker, but how is her relationship with Manji? Did she ever even meet him? I would still want her to concentrate on revenge and killing Anotsu, but how is their relationship different as it was in canon?

Second one is that the second immortal man we met (can't remember his name, sorry) actually knew how to transfer immortality fully. He learnt it only recently though, so he wasn't able to give it to any of his wives. And now he gives it to Rin. Afterwards Manji kills him, as in canon, but what now. How will their journey change? How does Rin change?

(as long as Rin and one of the guys is in the fic, you are free to ignore the other dude)

Everworld Series - K. A. Applegate

April O'Brien
Jalil Sherman
Senna Wales

My favourite character is Jalil and I would love to learn more about him. I am also interested in his relationship with Senna . How much did her offer affect him? When Senna died and he was given a choice to go back, what were his thoughts? What happened to him afterwards? Be free to include other characters, but I want the concentration to be with Jalil.

I have also shipped Jalil/April for a very long time, and I was always disappointed when the books failed to give me more about them together. Can be gen or romance or friendship, whatever you want.

(as long as Jalil is there and one of the girls, be free to ignore the other girl)

My Crueltide link is here (if not your cup of tea, be free to ignore): http://yuletide.livejournal.com/1239458.html?view=20871842#t20871842


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