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No, seriously, I just had a near full-out freakout when I realized that one of my internet friends hasn't updated her journal nor her twitter in over a year, started asking her friends and people in the twitter if they have heard from her, sure that something terrible has happenend.

She has just been busy with rl, so my heart actually eased a bit from it's panicking.

Now I am feeling spectacularly silly and foolish and want push my head in to a bush like a bunny.

But I am so relieved that nothing has happened to her it's ridiculous.

Oh, and I've gotten a job. =DD I am in the Finland's postal office's logistics center where I sort post packages. I am on an evening shift, so I go to work at 4 pm and leave 10 pm, and arrive at home around 11.30 pm. The funny thing is that I am usually terrible at staying up late, but now it's 0.30 in the night and I am completely awake. Even when I was doing nothing and unemployed I never stayed up this late or slept to 10-11 am. I find it funny.

And I seriously like my job. I love sorting through stuff, looking what kind of packages people get (I don't look the names really, only a bit where they come from and where they go). I also saw a package that came from Pakistan! That was a bright spot on my day.

Now that I am working my eating rythm has gotten magnificiently better and I have lost 3-4 kilos in two weeks. I have one of those step calculators and everyday I break 10 000 steps without even trying. I am getting more fit and feel way much better.

It's only until christmas but there is a possibility that I may get to come back on spring. And next september I'll continue my studying and I feel actually positive that I'll be able to do that.

I actually like my life now, how weird is that? It is to me! =DD
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You know, when you have followed some person here in LJ and suddenly, out of blue, that person friends you back lightens your mind hellishly lot. Makes me feel special and dunno, like yoiu are stepping out of the LJs faceless mass. And when in memes people remember your specific favourite parings and some things you have mentioned in passing...it is really big thing to me. Thank you.

This meme interests me a lot. Because if there is something I am horrible at, it's guessing what other people think of me. Or more vaguely, what I am like. I always hate it when I have to describe myself so if you can spend some time doing this I would be honestly grateful.


Had for the long time again an anxiety attack for the thought that my teraphy isn't going forward but standing still. That I'll be after few years still in the same shape as now. I want to heal so badly that the other option terrifies the shit out of me. I don't want to feel like this forever.


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