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Edited on 29.1.2017

At whole, I love character development and the relationships between characters. I have a strong stomach, but please no BDSM or watersports. Torture and such are okay, but remember to warn properly so I can get my mind into a right setting before starting to read. ^^

If you make a character (the one I say I love (or the inquisitor)) disabled, I'll love you until the end of Earth. But no magic healing! I hate that trope.

I also love when my favourite characters get hurt.

In general I also like Alternate Timeline fics/Canon Divergence AU fics. Was it in a big or small way. Full-out AUs (you know, modern!AU-types etc) I would like not to receive.

Be free to put the prompts overhead (and below) on ANY fic wishes I left below, even if I haven't said anything about them in the specific paring prompts.

Even if I like dark fics, I would prefer for them to have at least somewhat hopeful ending.

I love A/B/O fics, though I would prefer if they didn't completely loose their heads during a heat, but it would still be hideously uncomfortable. My biological clock is also blaring my ears off, so pregnancies, babies and kids will be taken with extreme happiness.

I adore character growth.

I am extremely pro-mage.

Be free to use several of these parings/prompts in one fic, but no cheating in a relationship.

Female warden/Morrigan

I ship them like burning. I made my first character in Origins male just to be able to romance her. Anything with them, the slowly growing attraction, smut, or living in hiding, raising their son Kieran together.

(I would prefer if the warden wasn't a human noble or Aeducan. I like the thought that she is some absolute nobody, who everyone sees as a lowly person, not worth the honor. Dalish warden is aa bit on the fence, as she would have grown up surrounded by equals and not close to people who were cruel to her. I know Amell is technically a noble, but I see it as being a mage cancels that out)

Female Hawke/Isabela

My first ship in DA2 and oh my. I believe they are in a poly relationship (though you don't have to make that clear). Something showing off their respect towards each other, and absolutely no slut-shaming!

I am particularly fond of mage Hawke.

Mythal & Morrigan & Flemeth

There was this amazing tumblr post (here: http://floranna2.tumblr.com/post/139569864620/lafaiette-ladyinquisidork-i-just-want-to ) of how Mythal!Flemeth hadn't realized how far she had fallen from the motherly figure she was during the time of Evanuris, and only realized it when Morrigan confronted her in the Fade during the Inquisition. Her realization of that, the guilt, the knowing that she caused her daughter incredible pain during the years...

I really want them to meet and talk to each other. I think Mythal and Flemeth are same right now, and I am really interested on how the fact that Morrigan drank from the well (she did in my playthrough, please add it to this fic) makes her technically Mythal's thrall. But I also believe that the mentioned body-jumping was meant to be Mythal joining herself with Morrigan, similar to Justice and Anders.

Fiona & Female inquisitor

Fiona got such a lousy deal in Inquisition. She lead the mages, she was a slave, grey warden, but we do not see any of that fire and drive in Inquisition. I really want something that shows off her fortitude and strength, with the Inquisitor looking at her in guidance and admiration.

(I am particularly fond of human mage and qunari mage Inquisitor, I like the thought that she is someone that has been treated badly, is seen as a lowly person among the 'good folk' and carries magic. (I know that elf inquistor fits too but I would prefer if she wasn't. I see it as the elf Inquisitor was a First of her clan and has faced respect from them her entire life and I do not wish that kind of a character for this fic. Make any sense?))
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