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At whole, I love character development and the relationships between characters. I have a strong stomach, but please no BDSM or watersports. Torture and such are okay, but remember to warn properly so I can get my mind into a right setting before starting to read. ^^

If you make a character (the one I say I love) disabled, I'll love you until the end of Earth. But no magic healing! I hate that trope.

In general I also like Alternate Timeline fics/Canon Divergence AU fics. Was it in a big or small way. Full-out AUs (you know, modern!AU-types etc) I would like not to receive.

Be free to put the prompts overhead on ANY fic wishes I left below, even if I haven't said anything about them in the specific fandom prompts.

Even if I like dark fics, I would prefer for them to have at least somewhat hopeful ending.

I want to read something that is not PWP or just sex. Character growth!

Mugen no Juunin | Blade of the Immortal

Anotsu Kagehisa/Asano Rin (MnJ)
Asano Rin/Manji (MnJ)

I love Rin. She is amazing. I love her spunk, her courage, her growth, everything. Unfortunately the ending of the manga felt a bit lackluster to me, so please, ignore it?

I have always loved Rin and Anotsu's relationship so I wish you would write about that. Is it romantic or not? Or sexual? Same with Rin and Manji's relationship.

This is quite a lot odder than the rest of the...prompts (how should you call 'em?) as I have an AU in my head I would give a kidney to get someone to write.

That the second immortal man we met (can't remember his name, sorry) actually knew how to transfer immortality fully. He learnt it only recently though, so he wasn't able to give it to any of his wives. And now he gives it to Rin. Afterwards Manji kills him, as in canon, but what now. How will their journey change? How does Rin change?


Asano Keigo/Madarame Ikkaku (Bleach)
Arisawa Tatsuki/Asano Keigo (Bleach)
Asano Keigo/Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

Keigo is awesome! I have so many headcanons for him, it's not even funny. I would love an AU where he has powers!

But one of my biggest headcanons is that he has depression, and fakes happy when around people. I myself have been diagnosed with depression and it took nearly five years of therapy for me to feel like a whole personm who doesn't have giant holes in her chest (also reason why hollows terrify me). So any fics that would deal with that would be awesome, but I understand if you don't want to because it's really hard to get right and respectful, especially when he is in relationship. Especially when I DO NOT want miracle healing.

Also AUs where Keigo has been turned in to Arrancar by Aizen would be awesome. I also found this one AU where Aizen is Keigo's father (or grandfather), so if you can that would be awesome.

(I prefer Keigo bottoming)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood & Manga

Roy Mustang/Scar (FMA B&M)

Fics where Roy stays blind. I am also a huge Scar/Roy fan, was it friendship or romantic or anything at all. Anything between them and I am sold. But post-series, with Roy still blind is a must.

(I prefer Roy bottoming)

Dragon Age II

Anders/Sebastian Vael (DAII)
Anders/Varric Tethras (DA II)
Anders/Fenris (DA II)

I am a HUGE Anders fan. Which doesn't bode well for him... I would really like a fic where he has some sort of permanent injury that magic can't heal. Mute, blind, deaf, missing few limbs...Anything! There is also a large fanon where it's thought that he is actually bipolar. I know this might sound mighty intimidating, but be respectul and realistic if you choose to write him being bipolar.

I love ANders angst. And I can handle for the sex to be non-con if it's with SEbastian or Fenris (no Varric though), or their relationship is abusive or otherwise unhealthy as long as Anders is more of a victim. But i will also like if it's consensual and, well, good. ^^

I am pro-mage. Also in my headcanon, ANders was severely abused in his time at the circle. Bring on the angst! And in this, please no chracter death!

(I prefer Anders bottoming)


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